Beyond Baroque Readings this Weekend

Beyond Baroque Readings!

Our excursion to Beyond Baroque, although of a small company, was immensely inspiring!!

Society ladies read piquant poems at Beyond Baroque’s gallery of chapbooks.

Julie Sheehan read poems from her Bar Book, which includes cocktail recipes and quirky/unique poetry detailing the many faces that one may encounter in a bar (nuns and college students and all). Allegory of life and the inebriating qualities of poetry, perhaps? Douglas Kearney gave a riveting reading of new poems from The Black Automaton. Isabel called him a poet and an architect. His diagrammed poems read like acid jazz sheets. It was a heavy dose of black history and dada schematics loaded into a talking gun.

All in all, a good night for imagining the may possibilities of poetry!


Beyond Baroque is one of the main hubs of poetry in Los Angeles, providing readings for nearly every week of the month. This week, there are quite a few interesting poets, especially this Friday: September 24, Friday 7:30 PM

For more information, Visit their page at:

For more information on the poets visit these respective pages:

Julie Sheehan
Douglas Kearney


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