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Fall Start

Poets and Enthusiasts,

Unfortunately, due to some untimely bureaucratic mishaps, the Society of Poetry will not be officialized as a UCLA group until the Winter quarter. Although we were a stable UCLA group last year, we have been stalled by some unforeseen issues. We will, however, continue meeting, going to activities, and organizing events out of campus and encouraging poetic activities near and far. To keep in the know, join our mailing list or stay tuned. We hope to whet your enthusiasm with the promise that the Society will remain a strong and enthusiastic organization made up of poet friends and it shall soon be official in the upcoming quarter.

We are the Underground, Society of Poetry

Write on,

Laura V. Rivera

William S. Burroughs

IN THE MEANTIME, enjoy this list of 10 literary geniuses who went to the Slammer.

10 Literary Geniuses Who Went To Jail

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Howl Flick Friday

“Howl” film with James Franco felt much more like new binding encasing the poem than a bio-pict of its author. It shied away from a traditional narrative and took on the form of Allen Ginsberg’s poem, introducing beloved characters like Carl Solomon and Peter Orlovsky as fragments of memory, while highlighting the creative process behind the work itself. With a combination of animation, fragments of the poem, and a court case which debated the “obscene content” of the work, the film gives a subtle yet powerful overview of the poem’s topics and axis.

One of our guests, Sunny, claims that she felt like smoking, drinking, and taking pleasure in the world after seeing the flick, confirming the dangers of this obscene poem.

She lead us awry to a local hangout and forced us to enjoy ourselves with laughter and chocolate mousse cake. It is really  miracle that our generation survived after Allen Ginsberg.

FIN! Hope to see you on our next group outing!


Howl Film with James Franco as Allen Ginsberg

FRIDAY October 8 @ 7:50pm in Laemle Santa Monica (Monica 4-plex). Be sure not to miss this!  Email us ( if you are interested in offering a car or in being part of a carpool, or join our Facebook group for updates: Society of Poetry Facebook Group

Email us with the night and location that is most convenient for you and we will hook up a group for then and there. There are group discount tickets for 8 dollars, but first we need to find a crew! Email us right away if you are interested in these tickets.


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