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A Garden Party with Potted Poets ! (…)



Wednesday, December 1 ยท 5:30pm – 8:00pm

Location Broad Arts Center, UCLA 5th fl. Balcony

Facebook Group: Join here

Be our guest for a Poetry Reading, Garden Party, and surprise Mayhem at Claire Kohne’s Venue.

Guest optional is wear your Sunday’s Best.
Bring your lovely self and make a toast at the table. Poetry, Music, Rambles, and Silence welcome.

Guests Readers include:

Nathan McClain
Claire Hellar
Laura V. Rivera
Johnny Nelson
Seth Newmeyer


The reading was a beaut! Claire Kohne’s garden party design and her infamous inedibles are featured here:

Each poet read their sumptuous words at the head of the dinner table. Others warbled enchanting tunes and told dirty jokes to inaugurate Claire Kohne’s Venue of the fantastic.

Soon her venue will be transformed into a miraculous coffee shop, in which coffee shall be sold way bellow the competing prices, as a decent cup of coffee should be.

More informations will come soon.

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Readings at the Clark Sat DEC 4th WWar Poets

The UCLA Clark Library, well known for its lavish, gorgeous atmosphere and rare books, is hosting a reading of World War poets next Saturday December 4th at 3 pm. I believe registration is required and TODAY (11/24/2010) is the deadline. DO sign up as soon as possible. If they are not to capacity, I doubt they will turn down a late reservation, so please do.

This will be a gorgeous and inspiring event. Just look at this:

To RSVP click here:

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